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Salsa Dance Lessons

Monday Nights

We offer a 6 weeks progressive beginner level 1 course designed for all our new beginner students. This courses is designed to teach the student the fundamentals, musicality, and structure of dancing Salsa. At the end of the course the student should have an understanding of timing, fundamental turns, and basic leading and following. Regardless if you’re a first time dancer or if you’ve been dancing for years, this course will build a strong foundation for you!

We also offer Salsa beginner level 2 which continues building on the fundamentals taught in level 1. This course focuses in teaching universal footwork and partnerwork.

Our intermediate level 1 course builds on what was taught in beginner level 2. This course focuses in teaching the student basic understanding of transitions and putting moves together.

Our intermediate level 2/advance challenges the student to execute complicated transitions and turn patterns as well as fun and challenging footwork.

In order to move from one level to another, the student will need to test out with the instructor of each level.

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The TaToSalsa Dance family invites anyone to come and take dance classes with us.
We are a growing community of social dancers that dance, train and attend events
regularly in a safe,fun, and comfortable environment.