Beginner Salsa Class

Our Beginners 6 weeks progressive course is designed to introduce the basic steps and fundamentals of Salsa. Concentrating in teaching fundamentals foot work, leading and following, basic turns and fun partnerwork. Designed to introduce something new every week, focusing on MUSICALITY, students will have a knowledge of Salsa basic steps, as well as learning to find the timing and tempo of the music, Tumbao Rhythm, and timing of the basic step.

Intermediate Salsa Class

Our Intermediate class is designed to teach how to incorporate the moves together. Just like when a house is built, after the fundamentals are in place, we begin giving shape to our house. The student will learn how to create a pattern by using footwork, basic moves and basic turns and more importantly, dance to the music. Students will have a basic knowledge on how to put patterns together while maintaining timing as the focus. Students will also have learned what is needed for our Intermediate/Advance level class, which will focus on more intricate moves, fun patterns, and styling.

Beginner Salsa On2 (Mambo)

Our 6 weeks progressive beginner Salsa on2 (Mambo) course is designed to teach the student the fundamental footwork, basic turns, and partnerwork of Salsa On2 style. While the focus is TIMING, proper leading and following will play an important role. Each week the instructor will be reviewing the material from the week before, as well as teaching a new element from the course syllabus.

Int/Advanced Salsa On2

Our Intermediate class is designed to build upon the fundamentals of Mambo (On2) dancing. We will be concentrating on technique, fun and exciting foot work, leading and following and intermediate partnerwork. While the classses are designed to introduce something new every week, our focus is MUSICALITY. Students will have a better knowledge of the Mambo timing, as well as a larger repertoire of footwork and partnerwork.

Bachata Class

Our Bachata class is designed to teach the fundamental foot work and partnerwork. While learning the musicality of Bachata, students will also learn the importance of connection through leading and following. Students will learn basic and fundamental turns which will be incorporated in partnerwork. Even though we would like to label this class as Dominican style Bachata, we will be teaching some urban and sensual Bachata movements. Student will have a knowledge of Bachata basic steps as well as learning to find the tempo of the music; bongo, base guitar, lead guitar, guira and timing of the basic step.

Casino Salsa Class

Our Casino Salsa class is designed to teach the student the fundamentals of the Casino Salsa Style. The student will learn basic footwork and partnerwork which will be incorporated in what’s called “LA RUEDA”. The student will also learn the name of each move and how to transition from one partner to another.

Casino Style Salsa is a fun and energetic style that involves everyone doing the same synchronize  moves at the same time.

-View calendar for scheduled starting date for Casino classes-

No Casino Classes are being offered at this time!

Kids Classes

Our new kids program is designed to teach our kids many different aspect of dance. While learning how to listen to music and learn a Salsa choreography, they will also learn to collaborate and work with other kids. 


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Private Lessons

We are also available for individual, couples, or group private lesson that it’s tailored to each individual or group. If you need to get ready for a wedding, a party, a quinceañera or just need personalized training and coaching, private lessons are ideal for you!

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